NORDIC FURNITURE product warranty terms and conditions

NORDIC FURNITURE product warranty terms and conditions

1.1 Scope of warranty Nordic Furniture product warranty covers any material and manufacturing defects, but only if our products are used in normal domestic environments.

1.2 Term of warrantyThe warranty period is 2-30 years, depending on the product, from the moment of purchase. Please retain your receipts as proof of purchase. Our sales consultants will be happy to provide any additional information.

1.3 Warranty terms and conditions The warranty will not cover defects resulting from improper use of a product and defects resulting from unforeseeable circumstances (unforeseeable circumstances are, for example, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters etc.). Surfaces damaged by excessive dampness and scratches that result from use are not subject to warranty.

Defective products that are subject to warranty will only be replaced or repaired. Nordic Furniture will not pay any damages, including for unforeseeable damage and indirect damage.

Among other things, unforeseeable damage includes wear and tear. Among other things, indirect damage includes expenses incurred due to repair or exchange of other property damaged by operational malfunctions of Nordic Furniture products.

Repair of productsShould it be impossible to repair a defective product, it will be exchanged for a new product without charge. 

ServicePlease return any defective product to your nearest Nordic Furniture partner store. To locate the nearest vendor, visit our Contacts page. A Nordic Furniture salesperson will repair the defective product or exchange it for a new one, based on a relevant decision by the importer of the goods.

Local laws! This warranty is a basis for certain legal rights. In addition, you also have supplementary rights pursuant to local laws.