Home furnishings company nordic furniture oü is founded on December 1. the same year, norwegian wardrobe products manufacturer Elas AS and Nordic Furniture OÜ conclude an agreement to represent Norscan® products in the Estonian market. nordic furniture seeks to compete with established wardrobe product companies and add to the market all-new products such as Norscan® Roller.


Nordic Furniture’s market position in the baltic states leads to a decision to apply for registtartion of the "NECOS®-Nordic StorageSystem" trademark. our trademark is registered in august 2009. starting from 2009, our own wardrobe system and storage basket collection is developed. Necos® products are sold in all bigger estonian, latvian, and lithuanian cities and towns through a network of resellers.


P4190041our representation store on liivalaia street across from Stockmann department store is opened in march. the new store sells all of the products in the Norscan® Classic and Norscan® Roller product range. furthermore, we commence collaboration with EFEX Baltic Trade OÜ so as to sell EFEXON® sliding doors and wardrobe systems at our store and to resellers.



in collaboration with Home & Storage OÜ a "Home & Storage" store is opened in 2012 in Tähesaju City in lasnamäe. The new store serves as the representation store for Norscan® and Necos® products, stocking our entire product range. 


in 2004, an agreement is signed with construction materials stores of the Bauhof Group that starts marketing Norscan products in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu. by the end of 2004, we have an established reseller network in estonia. our customers include Bauhof, Espak, Sunorek, Ehituslux, Marivari, Felistra, and Oslo Eesti. Norscan products are sold in more than 30 stores across estonia.


as from 2013, EFEX Baltic Trade OÜ, Nordic Furniture OÜ, Home and Storage OÜ, and Groundmark Holding OÜ work and market their products under a common denominator of EFEXON group.


Nordic Furniture commences collaboration with EFEX Baltic Trade OÜ so as to sell chinese produced basket systems and wire mesh shelving systems in the baltic states. using the existing reseller network, by the end of the year goods are supplied to more than 100 stores across the baltic region.



In April, our old online store is closed and cooperation commences with EFWebshop.com, one of the Biggest online storage product STORES, WHICH displays for sale our entire product selection. our resale network has grown to be the most extensive venue in the baltic region for purchasing wire mesh shelving and basket systems. we supply to more than 60 stores with Bauhof, K-Rauta, Espak, Ehituse ABC, Home & Storage, SIA Depo, SIA Ripo, Cenuclubs.lv, and UAB Ermitazas among the biggest vendors.