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We’ve created the Home & Storage concept, relying on our more than 20-year experience in selling wardrobe and storage products in Estonia. As our slogan states “Be organized – Create space – Save time”, our store’s concept also rests upon this idea. We offer quick and organized solutions in furnishing your storage areas, and establish space in your apartment to facilitate an orderly retainment of your possessions, thus enabling you to save time by enjoying professionally arranged storage and wardrobe facilities in your home!

Our employees benefit from their training in advising the furnishing of even the most complex storage areas, whether the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, bedroom, walk-in closet, washroom or garage.

The Home & Storage concept enables us to offer the products of the world’s largest wardrobe and storage producers, available on the spot in our store. We have the capacity to provide furnishings for most storage areas and wardrobes immediately upon request; in addition, our store boasts a selection of 17 different laminate closet models equipped with sliding doors! In selecting our products and setting the price, we have kept our customers in mind – you can choose from more sophisticated and higher capacity storage solutions as well as quicker and more affordable storage options.

One of our main tasks is the provision of auxiliary products for the conservation and storage of your belongings. Our selection includes a wide variety of plastic boxes, cases, hangers, clothes cover bags and vacuum storage bags as well as garbage cans with different containers. In our product selection we also offer plastic storage boxes for your kitchen.

Our products are of premium quality and can be classified under a common designator SMART.

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