NECOS® Storage

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Transform your disorder into well-organized storage. Our orderly storage areas not only save time but also create space. We offer versatile solutions, incorporating both shelf systems as well as basket towers – we will help you in better organizing your home. 


NECOS® wire baskets and Mesh baskets gather no dust and enable decent ventilation in your storage. Our selection includes baskets of various widths, heights and depths. The NECOS® wire basket system, a modular system of free-standing frames that can be placed on the floor, includes cross supports and baskets that can be joined and combined in different widths and heights. This product is perfect for wardrobes and closets. A wire basket system is easy to install and supplement.


Whether your items are big or small, NECOS® makes it easy to see and access them all. NECOS® shelf systems are not difficult to rearrange and supplement. Plan your storage by taking note of every detail – this will render a perfect integrated result. The NECOS® shelf system is a laminated or wire shelf system, most popular among our wardrobe product selection, that enables you to store your things on either laminate or wire shelves by using wall mounted supportive uprights or wall uprights and brackets. The NECOS® shelf system is made of quality steel, coated with durable powder coating paint. The perforations on the wall uprights allow for shelf heights to be adjusted as required.



• The basket towers are meant for home use
• You will need a rubber hammer for installation
• You can always change the location of your basket towers
• It is easy to combine different heights and use the basket tower to store your items
• The basket towers are available in white and silver


NECOS Shelving System is adjustable closet systems blend modern style and functional storage.
Create your NECOS closet to your exact specifications, and rearrange it any time your storage needs change. This flexible closet sytem is perfect for any space in your home. Choose from strong, ventilated NECOS Wire Shelving to match your hardware and shelf brackets in white or silver finish. Solid wood laminate shelves add extra storage to any custom NECOS closet system. These solid shelves feature laminated wood melamine construction, combining the look of wood shelves with the long lasting durability of melamine laminate.



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